BBS - Realm RESET 9/1/2012 at 1:00pm PST !!!

Welcome to BrainToys BBS!

Originally founded in 1993, BrainToys started as an 8 line dial-up, growing into a 60 line powerhouse, spanning over 180 miles throughout Southern California. Today, the BBS continues to run strong as one of the longest operating bulletin board systems in existance.

Telnet to today!

Popular games include MajorMUD, TradeWars, T-LORD, SoC, and more!

BBS information

Telnet Address
Clean up 3:00am PST
Membership Free!
WG Version 3.30NT
Validation Required No

MajorMUD information

PVP Disabled
Cost of GJR $3.00 each
Sys Commands Sys Map
Sys GoTo
Dupes Zero Dupes. Once someone reaches level 51, all may have 1 free dupe.
Level Stack 20
Reset Date Sept 1st, 2012
Death -30
Version 1.11p
Edits None

Character to receive GJR