MajorMUD Reset !!!

We are happy to announce that we will open our doors to a fresh PVP realm on Saturday, February 2nd at 11:00am PST.

BBS information

Clean up 2:00am Pacific Time
Membership Free!
WG Version 3.30NT

Host Info

- VMware Guest OS (Win7 x64)
- Solid State HDD
- Nightly Mozy Backup
- Console Latency: 4ms

ISP Info

- Zayo (formerly known as AboveNet) business fiber.
- Tier-1 Data Center hosting in downtown Los Angeles.
- Burstable to 100mbit upload, for unprecidented speeds and uptime! Speedtest

MajorMUD - Basic Information

PVP Range 20 Levels
PVP Hang-up Penalties 15%-25% Maximum Hit Points. No items dropped.
Sys Commands Map
Dupes 1
Level Stack 10
Death -15
EPs/day 16 evil points
Gang House EXP 10 Million
Version 1.11p
Gold Jeweled Rings $3.00/pair

MajorMUD name to receive GJR:

MajorMUD - Rules and Notes

- 2 accounts per IP. (If multiple household members wish to Mud together, visit our non-PVP realm at

- All Limited Item counts have been increased by +1. E.g. there are 2 Nexus Spears and 4 Skull Swords.

- Lives may not be purchased!

- First-kill limited item drop is enabled (default).

- Inactive accounts will be stripped after 10 days. Brief logon periods are not considered active.

- Abuse or exploitation of any known bugs will not be tolerated, and is grounds for, up to, immediate deletion.

If you believe a bug was used against you, submit to