Moes Tavern


MegaMud Hosted Cloud Server

We are proud to offer MajorMUD realms with blazing speed and stable connectivity. Hardware is located in an enterprise data center in downtown LA, piggybacking on a dedicated 100mbit AboveNet fiber connection.

Visit BrainToys BBS if you are looking for a NON-PVP realm. This friendly realm has been around since 1993.

Heaven's Portal BBS is an unmoderated, anything-goes PVP realm, allowing 1 dupe. Best of luck to you!

Moe's Tavern BBS is a PVP realm allowing 1 dupe. All limited items have been increased by +1. Other than that, it is a stock realm.

BBS4 is no-dupe, PVP realm with limited item counts doubled!

We also offer MegaMud cloud hosting services! No longer must you dedicate a workstation to scripting! Secure, private desktops can be remotely accessed from any workstation and all mobile devices capable of "RDP" applications (Android/Kindle/iOS and PC/Mac/Linux, etc.)

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