bracelet of haste (Faerie Queen Quest)

Reward: 10 million experience | bracelet of haste

  1. Go to Northern Forest – Faerie Ring
  2. Greet Faerie Queen
  3. Ask Faerie Queen services (202 1)
    a) She will give you a tiny jeweled key
  4. Go to Northern Forest – Quickling Lord
  5. Kill Quickling Lord (202 2)

phoenix feather (Phoenix Feather Quest)

  1. Prepare to waste an hour of your life or more

sunstone wristband (Sunstone Wristband Quest)

  1. Let someone who’s done this before take you

Draka’s Blade


white satin gloves / white satin tabard (Golden Chalice Quest) (Level 55)

Reward: 150 million experience | white satin gloves & white satin tabard

  1. Kill the Champion of Blood and Greater Hellion in the Black Fortress (warning: this area is a lot higher level than stock MUD)
  2. Collect the golden chalice and give it to the bishop in the Silvermere temple

dragonscale belt (Spectral Knight Quest)

Reward: 150 million experience | dragonscale belt

  1. Go to Graveyard – Spectral Knight
  2. Kill Spectral Knight (201 1)
  3. Go to Sewers – Forgotten Dragon Slayer
  4. Ask Forgotten Dragon Slayer demise (201 2)
  5. Go to Sewers – Forgotten Dragon
  6. Kill Forgotten Dragon
    a) Loot severed prismatic dragon claw
  7. Go to Sewers – Forgotten Dragon Slayer
  8. Ask Forgotten Dragon Slayer token (201 3)

onyx bracelet (Dhelvanen’s Scrying Quest)

Reward: 1 billion experience | onyx bracelet

  1. This quest requires you to gather five items from various bosses in the realm. The order in which you gather them does not matter. Once you have them all, go on to step 2. There are not gotos for most of these bosses, so I will give general directions. The items and bosses you need are as follows: (Note: some of these items have a very low drop rate. Have fun!)
    a) Go to Nazareen – Dark Castle. In the basement, on the west side, is the boss Vampire Dragonbat. Kill it and loot dragonbat fang.
    b) Outside the Western Gate of Nazareen are the pink bunnies. When the path splits, head northeast and along that path is the boss
    Giant Pink Bunny. Kill it and loot pink rabbit’s foot.
    c) In the Black Fortress, go to Alchemist. There is an exit D from his room. In that area is a roaming boss Dark Giant Warlock. Kill it and loot dark giant heart.
    d) Go to Black Mountains, located in Dragon’s Teeth Hills. In the far NE corner there is a boss Displacer BeastLord. Kill it and loot
    displacer beast hide.
    e) Go to Dark Forest – Massive Blue Wyvern. Kill it and loot blue wyvern scale.
  2. Go to Black House – Dhelvanen
  3. Ask Dhelvanen require (200 1)