MudRev has a quest series that provides internal flags of 152.  These quests must be done in order and they build upon each other.  The level listed is the minimum level to do the quest.

Fire Twins: Level 45

Reward: 80 million experience | +100 illumination | tracking ability | firestone

  1. Go to Volcano – Fire Twins
  2. Kill Vashti and Vasili
  3. While in their room, after everything is dead, destroy altar (152 1)

Darken Beast Lord: Level 65

Reward: 225 million experience | +100 illumination | firestone pendant

  1. Go to Blackwood Forest – Darken Beast Lord
  2. Kill Darken Beast Lord (152 2)

Nahr’s Castle: Level 70

Reward: 1 billion experience | +3 HitMagic | +10 MR

As mentioned before, I am not going to write a walk-through to this quest. The methods to getting to the Spacelord are the same as a “stock” realm. Noted changes:

  1. After you kill the final version of Nahr you get (152 3)
  2. Once at Spacelord, ask Spacelord nahr (152 4)

Gnaj’s Prisoner: Level 100

  1. Go to Spacelord (will now port you directly there from first room of Ancient Fortress)
  2. Ask Spacelord zanthus (152 5)
  3. The next part requires you to get to the Timelord. Unlike a stock realm, he is not located directly one room U from the Fallen Angel. Instead, you go U from Fallen Angel and have to go through a long series of rooms with some pretty tough monsters and a boss. You need to kill the Dark Champion for a key. The key is used in the last room of this area to access the Timelord. Go to Timelord.
  4. Ask Timelord helvectus (152 6)
  5. Go to Gnaj the Creator. He is in the same place as he is on a stock realm. However, you cannot use the NPP portal to access his room until AFTER you do this quest. Stupid I know.. blame the creators of MudRev. This means that you have to go the super long way through the Dwarven Mines. Get a map and have fun. (Note: The gnaj monsters hit extremely hard now, be warned)
  6. Kill Gnaj the Creator (152 7)
    a) Loot 2 glowing yellow eyeball
  7. Go to Halfling Prisoner. This is two rooms away.
  8. Ask Halfling Prisoner gnaj
  9. Ask Halfling Prisoner secret
  10. Ask Halfing Prisoner helvectus (152
    a) He will take the eyeballs and become attackable
  11. Kill Halfling Prisoner. He will summon Chaos Demonling.
  12. Kill Chaos Demonling (152 9)
    a) You will receive 1.5 billion exp
    b) You will receive eyes of the Creator