Known issues with BrainToys implementation of MudRev

Templar only has two level 80 quest items

Templar cannot do Darkbane quest, but can use Darkbane

Undersea Cavern (dark oceanids) has a couple of mapping errors (north/northwestish of the palace gates)

Some spells may show damage of ridiculous amounts (when it’s not actually hitting that hard)

Blood Keep Quest Hall – Shaman path will allow any class (or at least mage and mystic)

Missionary has 4 level 80 quest items, including 2 weapons (Divinity Blade and God Blade)

Dread Forest has a small area (2/5949) that requires a Griffon Feather (item 2416) but does not exist

Crystal Forest area exists on two maps: 4 and 18.  The areas appear to be identical (including the Beast Shrine where Rylten the Serene regens, room 782) but only the map 4 area is accessible.  That means if Rylten is killed in map 4, he can regen in map 18 and thus be inaccessible and the spells that mystics learn from him are unavailable.