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Neutral Quest 1
Neutral Quest 2
Neutral Quest 3
Neutral Quest 4
Neutral Quest 5
Neutral Quest 6
Neutral Quest 7


Neutral Quest 1 (level 10)

Reward: 300k experience | black and white serpent ring

  1. Ask hooded traveler quest
  2. Ask Jorah gaal / Ask Jorah teleport
  3. Ask The Grey Lord code word
  4. Ask The Grey Lord teleport
  5. Ask Commander Markus festus
  6. Ask The Grey Lord box
  7. Ask Chancellor Annora festus
  8. Ask The Grey Lord return

Neutral Quest 2 (level 20)

Reward: 4 million experience | Balance Stone (effects vary by class)

  • Warrior, Witchunter, Paladin, Skald: AC +2, Max Damage +1
  • Necrolyte, Priest, Mage, Druid, Maestro, Wizard, Shaman: AC +2, Mana Regen +10
  • Missionary, Bard, Gypsy, Arborean, Ranger: BS Accuracy +5, BS Min +5, BS Max +5, Mana Regen +10
  • Ninja, Thief, Archer, Rogue, Samurai: BS Accuracy +10, BS Min +10, BS Max +10
  • Mystic, Wardancer: Dodge +5, Max Damage +1
  • Templar, Battlemage: Max Damage +1, Mana Regen +10
  1. Kill the beholder in Ancient Ruins (or have someone get you the eye)
  2. Ask The Grey Lord eye

Neutral Quest 3 (level 30)

Reward: 15 million experience | adamantite chest

  1. Goto Grey Lord
  2. Ask Grey missions
  3. Goto Overgrown Shrine (Located in the Misty Swamp)
  4. Once there type ‘Pray’
  5. Goto Gnomish Inventor (In the gnome village)
  6. Ask Inventor Helm
  7. Goto Water Spirit (Located under the frozed caverns)
  8. Ask Spirit Tear
  9. Goto Efreeti (Located in the lava tubes below the lava fields)
  10. Kill the Efreeti
    Upon his death get an eternal flame (It just appears in your inventory)
  11. Goto Kai Master (Located above the red stone tunnels above Khaz)
  12. Kill the Kai Master
    Upon his death you we get a storm spirit (It just appears in your inventory)
  13. Goto Gemstone Juggernaut (Located in the Dwarven mines east of Khaz)
  14. Kill the Gemstone
    Upon his death you will get a Heartstone (it just appears in your inventory)
  15. Goto Overgrown Shrine
  16. Once at the shrine type “Summon Avatar”
  17. Goto Grey Lord
  18. Ask Grey Reward

Neutral Quest 4 (level 40)

Reward: 60 million experience | class-specific quest cloak

  1. Ask The Grey Lord missions
  2. Kill dark phoenix
  3. Ask The Grey Lord foe

Neutral Quest 5 (level 50)

Reward: 350 million experience (plus 100 million when you kill Zanthus) | random weapon (1 of 3) or 3 spells

  1. Ask The Grey Lord “missions”
  2. Ask ancient gypsy woman grey lord
  3. Kill the mayor of Arlysia, which turns into the arachnigoth. Kill the arachnigoth. Take the webbing.
  4. Ask ancient gypsy woman webbing
  5. Kill the hanging tree.
  6. Ask ancient gypsy woman heart
  7. Find the old hermit in arlysia, ask him “gift”. He will give you a jagged bone key.
  8. Path to the rotting beholder (If using Winter’s paths, you will end up right outside of his room. Go SW [hidden exit, no searching needed] to fight the beholder), kill it. Take the rotted tongue and eye, then “pull lever”.
  9. Greet the old man. Ask him “old man”, “prophecy”, “dark fold”, then “portal”.
  10. Walk a few steps in a circle to the Hideous Face (Manually walk S, S, SE, E, NE, N, N). “place eye in socket”, then “place tongue in hole”. A mirror portal will be summoned. Make the party “@go portal”.
  11. Regroup and go north for the first room of wraith knights. It is very dark, rooming really helps. Going through the portal strips you of all team buffs. Make sure to rebuff before fighting the wraith knights
  12. Go W, S, SE, S from the first wraith room. Walk this by hand. Wraiths cast a long knockdown so make sure all teammates are ready before moving. There will be a second room of wraith knights. Kill them and healup, then go west through a hidden exit (again, no searching, just go) and kill the colossal midnight dragon. After that kill the tapestry, once it is dead and is a neutral item in the room, healup and rest, then make the party “@go tapestry”. This will remove all buffs, regroup and kill the Dark Mage (you may want to make a macro that makes everyone go portal, then re-invites everyone).
  13. Enter portal (entering portal will put you in a few random rooms near Zanthus (or at Zanthus) similar to Demoness Irikani — you have been warned) and kill Zanthus (this is required as of MudRev) (note anyone who dies at the Dark Mage will have their items scattered between rooms 1-10 of map 17)
  14. Return to The Grey Lord, ask her “knowledge”.

Neutral Quest 6 (level 75)

Reward: 1 billion experience | titanium chest

  1. Go to Nazareen – Zedwic
  2. Ask Zedwic aid (127 32)
  3. Go to Elemental Forest – Lord of the Woods
  4. Ask Lord of the Woods require (127 33)
  5. Go to Nazareen – Ice Wizard
  6. Kill Ice Wizard (127 34)
    a) Receive loot elemental scroll
  7. Go to Elemental Forest – Lord of the Woods
  8. Ask Lord of the Woods protect (127 35)
    a) Receive scroll of elemental rage
  9. Go to Khazarad – Kai Lord
  10. Kill Kai Lord (127 36)
    a) Receive Storm Pendant
  11. Go to Elemental Forest – Lord of the Woods
  12. Ask Lord of the Woods return (127 37)
  13. Go to Nazareen – Zedwic
  14. Ask Zedwic return (127 38)
  15. Go to Darkwood Forest – The Grey Lord
  16. Ask The Grey Lord journey (make sure you have 2000 free encumberance) (127 41)

Neutral Quest 7 (level 100)

Reward: 3 billion experience | +100 hp

  1. Some steps that give flag (127 42)
  2. The next step is to collect items from two dragons, doesn’t matter which order.
  3. Go to Sewers – Diamond Dragon
  4. Kill Diamond Dragon (127 43)
    a) Loot diamond dragon scale
  5. Go to Sewers – Demonic Dragon
  6. Kill Demonic Dragon (127 44)
    a) Loot severed demonic dragon claw
  7. Go to Nazareen – Darken Castle. Locate Necrolyte Lord
  8. Ask Necrolyte Lord ritual
  9. Kill Necrolyte Lord (127 45) (127 46)
  10. Go to The Grey Lord
  11. Ask The Grey Lord ritual (127 47)