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The Concept 

MUDRevolution’s goal is to provide the most expansive free modified MajorMUD realm of all time. Featuring thousands of new rooms, monsters, bosses, items, and quests. 10 new classes, 5 new races, and a level limit of 255. MUDRevolution hopes to revive the nostalgic days of classic text-based RPG adventure, based on the legendary MajorMUD. Do you miss the comradely and true benefit for banding together with friends near and far to defeat minions from the deep? With a new focus on boss hunting, re-vamped competitive economy, and structured experience gain, we hope to create a sense of worth with your MUDRevolution characters. We are open to suggestions, as this realm was created by the users and was made for the users. However, we are selective with our content as we only feature the medieval MajorMUD theme. We hope you enjoy one of the last MajorMUD Realms alive.


How MUDRevolution has been Revived, The last stand for MajorMUD.
MajorMud was officially released on November 4, 1994. The game was created by was created by Lance and Cathy (Dog) Neumann, Michael Skupa (Cat), Craig Young (Morukai), and Geoffrey Rosen (Orfeo) in the early 1990s. Collectively they were known as West Coast Creations, or WCC. On May 25, 1999, WCC sold MajorMUD to Metropolis, a company based in Kansas, USA. Metropolis promised to continue the work done by WCC. Over the years, 9 expansions modules were added, with the first 6 developed by WCC and the last 3 by Metropolis. On April 10, 2008 Metropolis Gameport shut down and sold all 7 of their Worldgroup BBS Game Servers. All updates, maintenance, and user support has been halted. MajorMUD, as we know it, has nearly come to an end in this day and age of high graphic MMORPG’s. However, a small group of underground MajorMUD players have been quietly developing the tools necessary to make MajorMUD the game we all hoped it could be. Thanks to a few specific programmers, taking their own time to develop applications for an out-of-date text-based RPG game, we have the ability to make the “what ifs?” of the early 90’s come true. We provide tools and unique files in our Downloads sections, allowing you to work with MajorMUD like you never thought before. This website and BBS is a starting point to the final stages of MajorMUD. We hope to connect the community and “revival” members who have wondered if MajorMUD still exists. MajorMUD does still exist, and it’s better than ever.

MUDRevolution hopes to revive any lost hopes that Metropolis caused by abandoning the project long ago, and finally shutting it down completely. By expanding the realm and adding new modules, MUDRevolution has installed an exciting new line of game-play that should keep newcomers and oldschoolers exploring for ages. The developers of MUDRevolution designed huge new areas, with an array of arduous bosses, some nearly undefeatable. The quest system has been expanded, as well as other aspects of the realm, to coincide with the maximum level limit of 255. Thousands of new items have been added, to make your character have unique abilities or exploit the weaknesses of your merciless foes. Hundreds of new spells to accommodate the high levels and the many newly developed spellcasters. Featuring a multitude of exciting new classes, filling every gap conceivable concerning the combination of weapon choice, armour selection, magic class, and abilities. Intriguing new races, with abilities never seen from the stock MajorMUD races. MUDRevolution did not hesitate to make modifications to old items, returning the elite items to prominence and balancing the weaker attributes among the classes and races. The origins of MUDRevolution have returned, as the original host, sysop, and game developer have returned as the sole operater to revive the one and only, MUDRevolution. Keep MajorMUD and MUDRevolution alive by getting involved with the MajorMUD community.


In the beginning, Miles expanded the realm. With the help of syntax53 and others, Miles used Nightmare Redux to push MajorMUD to it’s extreme limits. MUDRevolution was not the first edited realm by far, but no one had yet to see an expansion of this proportion. The idea of adding 10 classes, and making fully playable game content to level 255 was ludicrous. Miles had a vision, and worked tempestuously to create a seemingly endless profusion of MajorMUD content.

The second coming, Gabriel and Mindcry joined the project. As the realm expanded, Miles could not balance the workload to sustain such a vast realm. Gabriel, also known as Demosthenes, offered to assist Miles in polishing the edits and working with the textblocks. He did amazing work on all the quests, concepts, and game-play. His assistance saved time and allowed for more physical expansion of the realm. Mindcry also joined the project, developing a pHp module that would extract info directly from the MajorMUD database and update to an HTML website. This allowed users to have quick and easy access to any new information regarding MUDRevolution.

Mies leaves the project, MUDRevolution becomes omnipresent. In 2004, Miles walked away from the project. With the source data files, Gabriel continued to improve MUDRevolution. Gabriel worked with Drago, an interim Sysop, who hosted the realm initially. Sadly, Drago had access to the database and begun making questionable edits, and ultimately abandoned the project. The data files eventually leaked to the public and have been modified from the original version many times over. MUDRevolution is a staple add-on module in most MajorMUD realms existing today.